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By keeping in touch with your customers, you will be able to sell much more of your products and services.

Our convenient chat will allow you to correspond with customers directly from the browser without having to install many different messengers on your PC.

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What is BOTWizard Platform

Most of the typical situations are already foreseen. You can create universal chat bots that solve any business problems. The platform is highly extensible due to the modern API.

Our Services

What Our Platform Provides

  • WhatsApp Business Bots

    A large messenger audience is ideal for promoting your products and services. Personal communication with the client creates confidence in the company. The bot will do the rest in automatic mode (typical situations, e.g. check order status, remind payment, etc).

    Customer's Phone Number Write first Message statuses Easy to connect Enhanced Analysis Optimized

    The first 1000 conversations are absolutely free every month.

  • Customer Support

    Our convenient and multifunctional chat will be useful for your managers. Send messages from one place through all messengers!

    We understand that you may not have enough time to set up a chatbot yourself. Just use our chat, and you can configure the bot later.

    Full history Files support Real-time Folders Fast sending

    All correspondence is stored forever. No file or message will be lost.

  • Script Editor

    The script editor allows you to set the logic of the chatbot without knowledge of programming languages. Your task is simply to set the functional blocks (such as menu, yes/no, send a file) in the right order and write the texts of the bot messages!

    No Programming Intuitive Visual Editor Good Documentation Own Blocks
  • Omni-channel Solution

    At the moment, the following messengers are supported...

    WhatsApp Business Telegram Viber

    We have unified these messengers in order to smooth out the differences between them. Thanks to this, you can communicate with clients in any of the messengers from one place, as well as use the common API.

  • BOTWizard Platform API Access

    If you're missing a feature - implement it on your side using our API! Use our pre-made libraries for PHP language on packagist (search for: packagist botwizard).

    Free to use Full access Uptime 99.9% Secured & Fast Complete Libraries Optimized Servers
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