BOTWIZARD Documentation

  1. Script Editor
    1. Function Blocks of the Editor
      1. Welcome block
      2. Block for sending messages to chat
      3. Prompt Block
      4. Mark
      5. Menu (Block)
      6. Confirm (Yes/No)
      7. Sending a file to chat
      8. Add Lead block
      9. Access restriction blocks
      10. Subscription Block and Subscription Check Block
      11. RPC block
      12. Deferred script branch execution
      13. Request live operator Block
    2. Dialog emulator
  2. Typical situations
  3. Language support

Chatbot script

In order for the bot to be able to answer subscribers automatically, you must create your own script for it. We do not provide pre-built script templates.

Scenario - a set of functional blocks interconnected in the right order to achieve the required logic of the bot.

Using the script, you can automatically send commercial offers, collect requests, make calls to external servers to obtain the required data, create information sections, menus, navigation, and much more based on your needs.