BOTWIZARD Documentation

  1. Function Blocks of the Editor
    1. Welcome block
    2. Block for sending messages to chat
    3. Prompt Block
    4. Mark
    5. Menu (Block)
    6. Confirm (Yes/No)
    7. Sending a file to chat
    8. Add Lead block
    9. Access restriction blocks
    10. Subscription Block and Subscription Check Block
    11. RPC block
    12. Deferred script branch execution
    13. Request live operator Block
  2. Dialog emulator

Script Editor

In the script editor, you create your own unique script for the chatbot. It is as simple as possible and understandable without additional instructions.

Context menu

Click the right mouse button to open the menu.

Control buttons and emulator

There are 3 buttons in the upper right part of the editor:

  • save script
  • reload
  • show/hide emulator

The script is saved automatically when changed 1 time per second.

Important, the duration of the script editing session cannot be more than 4 hours.