BOTWIZARD Documentation

  1. Welcome block
  2. Block for sending messages to chat
  3. Prompt Block
  4. Mark
  5. Menu (Block)
  6. Confirm (Yes/No)
  7. Sending a file to chat
  8. Add Lead block
  9. Access restriction blocks
  10. Subscription Block and Subscription Check Block
  11. RPC block
  12. Deferred script branch execution
  13. Request live operator Block

Function Blocks of the Editor

The unique scenario of your chatbot is obtained by combining different scenario functional blocks. You do not need to program the logic of the bot, just visually rearrange and connect the blocks in the right order.

We tried to remove all the difficult blocks so that any unprepared person could create the script in just 5 minutes. The intuitive, visual interface of the script editor contributes to this as much as possible! If you have any questions, you can read the documentation or contact the Support Service for personal advice and/or assistance.