BOTWIZARD Documentation

Access control


Folders are used for the convenience of organizing chats into groups, as well as for organizing a system for accessing chats. Folders can be system (not visible in the chat, but available via API), or visible (they are visible in the control panel chat).

Up to 8 participants (managers) and an unlimited number of chats can be added to the folder.

Access to chats

You can individually manage access (allow or deny access) to specific chats for specific managers (bot members).

If your manager does not have access to the chat (subscriber), then it will not be displayed in his Dialogues (chat) section, he will not be able to view the dialogue via the API and send messages for this subscriber. An exception is the use of the "write first" function.

"Write first" function

This function allows you to start a chat first by the subscriber's phone number. Access restrictions are imposed by Chat ID, which is unknown at the time of writing first. It turns out a situation when a message is sent to the client, and only then the manager is granted access to the chat (it is issued, not checked, since the message has already been sent to the subscriber in any case and cannot be deleted). Keep in mind that the manager will be able to open chats to which he does not have access using this function.

For developers

We use an ACL based access control system. You can use ACLs at the chat and folder levels.

Bot members

Add your managers to your bot and they will have the access level you gave them. The manager must register an account on his own.

You simply enter your manager's account ID and receive an invitation link. Send the link to the manager, he should accept the invitation. After that, your bot will be displayed in its control panel.