BOTWIZARD Documentation

  1. WhatsApp
    1. Business verification in Meta Business Manager (instruction)
    2. Obtaining a green tick of the company's official chatbot
    3. Editing a WhatsApp Business Profile
  2. Telegram
    1. Creating a bot using BotFather (instruction)
  3. Viber
    1. Creating a Viber chat bot (instruction)
  4. Connecting your Custom channel (messenger)
  5. Tariffication


Thanks to the ubiquitous use of instant messengers by absolutely everyone in the world, you have the opportunity to interact with customers in real time using multimedia-enabled text chat.

It gives great benefits

However, it is not always convenient to use a phone with installed messengers for communication, especially when several managers are communicating at once and it is necessary to control them. Since the response time is falling, there is no single history of correspondence with the client, it is impossible to automate routine tasks / collecting applications, etc.

The "BOTWIZARD" platform comes to the rescue. Thanks to a convenient chat, you can communicate with customers online from a regular browser. Optional - create unique scenarios to handle typical situations without the participation of your company's managers.

This page provides information on all instant messengers that have official support. To find out more, please click on the name of a particular messenger.

Pivot Table

It is important to take into account the limitations of each messenger, as well as the fact that the platform provides you with unified access to each of them (this means that you will not delve into the implementation details of each messenger to send or receive messages, all interactions occur using a common protocol).

Messenger One can see subscriber's phone number You can write first There are statuses of messages Official support To connect, you need
WhatsApp Yes Yes Yes Yes Active WABA
Telegram No (but you can see the login, if available) No No Yes Token of the Bot
Viber No No Yes Yes Bot token

Also, if you are a programmer, then you can connect your own communication channel, which is not in the table. To do this, you need 10 minutes of free time and knowledge of any server-side programming language, see the our documentation for developers.

Subscriber IDs and Available Subscriber Data

Messengers provide different information about the user sending a message to the bot, depending on their privacy orientation (as well as the settings chosen by the subscriber). Here are the specific data that will be transmitted and become known to you (if necessary, you can adjust the level of visibility of chats, or, for example, hide customer phones from your managers).

Messenger External Chat ID Customer Phone Number Login Nick name Avatar*
WhatsApp No Yes No Yes No
Telegram Yes No Partially Yes Yes
Viber Yes No No Yes Yes