BOTWIZARD Documentation

  1. Creating a bot using BotFather (instruction)



  • No need to keep a phone number for the bot (the bot is available by login via search or by link)
  • No additional fees and commissions from the service
  • If the client has a login, then the client can write directly, outside the bot
  • Short link ""
  • Conditional anonymity of the chatbot owner is provided by the Telegram service* (in case of a serious violation of the law, your data will be 100% given to law enforcement agencies, but competitors will not be able to disrupt the bot)
  • Easy bot registration


  • due to the fact that the status of the message (read) is not transmitted, the order of message delivery may be violated (especially in the case of transferring pictures or heavy files)
  • the service has a smaller audience compared to WhatsApp


  • After overcoming the mark of 200K active subscribers, the bot may start to freeze (messages are delivered for more than 1 second)
  • our implementation does not allow adding a bot to groups (channels), as well as using buttons in messages (only keyboard buttons)