BOTWIZARD Documentation

Lead block webhook

Enable the "WebHook" checkbox in the Lead block, specify the URL of your handler and notifications about new requests of this block will be sent to it.

Sending data

The data will be sent using the POST (x-www-form-urlencoded) method.

Parameter Description
program Messenger of the subscriber from where the application was filled out
customer The subscriber who sent the request
node_id Block number in script
profile Subscriber profile JSON STRING (keys: tel, login, nickname)
time Ticket creation time (uint32 UNIX timestamp)
form data JSON STRING form data
secret Secret phrase specified in the block settings or an empty string

The application (lead) can be sent to the processing with a delay of up to 1 minute. If an error occurs on your server, no resubmissions occur (we recommend calling the bot.lead.list method to get the list of leads).

The response time of your server should not exceed 5 seconds. Response text is not required (will be ignored).