BOTWIZARD Documentation

Built-in Blocks Schemas

Inline Blocks

Title Appointment
confirmation Yes/No
connect operator Operator connection
deferred_exec Deferred execution
entry point Entry point
langset Set language
lead Application
mark Label
menu Menu
print Chat message
prompt Data entry
rpc Remote call
send file Send file
subscribe Subscribe
welcome Welcome block
link_peer_to_folder Add chat to folder
add_user_peer_access Allow access to chat
program_switch Conditional Jump: Messenger
subscribed_cond Conditional Jump: Subscribe

Base fields of the block

Type Data type Description
message_text Field string Message text to send
userfile_present Field "Y" or "N" Is the file added to the block
userfile_type Field string added file type: image,audio,video,file
userfile_content Field String(JSON) file content
hsm_active Field "Y" or "N" Whether to send the message as an HSM template
hsm_lang Field string HSM template language (for example, en), in small case

The value of the "userfile_content" parameter is a JSON string, with an object containing the following keys:

  • id (file ID in script editor),
  • orig_name (original filename),
  • deltoken (token for deleting a file).

The file can only be added to the following blocks: confirm,print,prompt,sendfile.


Title Used by blocks Description
next connectoperator,entrypoint, langset,lead,mark, print,prompt,rpc,sendfile, subscribe,welcome, link_peer_to_folder,add_user_peer_access ID of the next block
y confirm,subscribed_cond Block if YES
n confirm,subscribed_cond Block if NO
on_auto_closed connect operator Ticket closed automatically
on_op_leave connect operator The operator has left the chat
on_ticket_closed connect operator Ticket was closed
next_now deferred_exec Next Block NOW
next_deferred deferred_exec Delayed branch
bad cases menu Error entering menu item
invalid_value prompt Wrong value
out[0,1,2,3] rpc RPC block outputs
program_XX program_switch Jump to withdrawal if the current messenger matches XX, where XX = WA,TL,VB, etc.
DYNAMIC OUTS menu The menu block can have many items, the names for the outputs are generated automatically.

Block fields

Block Field Data type More
confirmation message_text string
userfile_present "Y" or "N"
userfile_type string
userfile_content String(JSON)
hsm_active "Y" or "N"
connect operator notifychat_subscriber String(JSON) List of subscribers (chats) for notification
notifychat_enabled "Y" or "N" Send notification to chat
reason string Reason for calling the operator
assign_ops Integer(JSON) Assign operators (list of user IDs)
deferred_exec variant Integer Use case
date_exact string Exact date
time_exact string Correct time
val Integer Meaning
time units string Time units
allow_twice "Y" or "N" Allow retries
langset language string Language: english, czech
lead lead_name string Application name
savefrom_emu "Y" or "N" Save lead from dialog emulator
localdb_enabled "Y" or "N" Save the lead in the database
allowed_users Integer(JSON) Who has access to the application
webhook_enabled "Y" or "N" Webhook
email_enabled "Y" or "N" Email Notification
notifychat_enabled "Y" or "N" Chat Notification
gsheets_enabled "Y" or "N" Row in google spreadsheet
webhook_url string
webhook_secret string
email_subject string
email_text string
notifychat_text string
email_recipient String(JSON)
notifychat_subscriber String(JSON)
gsheets_idtbl string
mark mark string Label text
menu message_text string
cases String(JSON) Menu items
no_text_bts "Y" or "N" Do not add button text to message
hsm_lang string
hsm_active "Y" or "N"
print message_text string
userfile_present "Y" or "N"
userfile_type string
userfile_content String(JSON)
prompt message_text string
userfile_present "Y" or "N"
userfile_type string
userfile_content String(JSON)
data type string Requested Input Data Type
name string Variable name
rpc url string Handler address
time out Integer Waiting time
extra string Additional data
message_text string
send file userfile_present "Y" or "N"
userfile_type string
userfile_content String(JSON)
type string File type
visible_name string Display name of the file in the messenger
subscribe subject string Subscription theme (HUB)
act string subscribe/unsubscribe action
welcome message_text string
url_value string link to site
url_label string text on button "SITE"
pn_value string phone
pn_label string Text on the TELEPHONE button
hsm_lang string
hsm_active "Y" or "N"
link_peer_to_folder act string Action
folder_id Integer Folder
add_user_peer_access act string Action
user_id Integer User
subscribed_cond subject string Subscription theme (HUB)