BOTWIZARD Documentation

OAuth Clients

How to create an OAuth client

A client is automatically created for each bot in the system, as well as for applications.


scope Description
custom_blocks Working with custom bot blocks
bot_management Bot management (create / delete, etc.)
botlist Allows you to get a list of the user's bots.
channels Working with bot channels (list, connecting and disconnecting channels)
custom_program Works with custom bot messengers.
emu Access to the dialog emulator.
folder_acl Ability to change folder ACLs.
folders Bot folder management.
folder_peer Manage chats in a folder.
balance Access to the bot balance (read only).
errors Get bot errors (read only).
leads Applications (adding, deleting, list).
bot_members Bot members (add, remove, list).
messages Working with bot messages (including history).
write_first Function to write first (by phone number).
send Send a message to the chat.
peer_acl Chat level ACL.
peers Access to bot chats.
route Changing and reading routes.
botscript Working with chatbot script and script files.
search Search by chats and bot messages.
settings Reading and changing bot settings.
start_node Launching a block in a custom chat.
tickets Working with tickets (creating, closing, sending answers to tickets).
changepass Change user password.
update_tel Change the user's phone.
whatsapp_management WABA account management.