BOTWIZARD Documentation

Welcome block

This block is intended primarily for sending WhatsApp HSM "call to action" template. The template can have as few as 2 buttons leading to the site you specify, or making a call to the phone number you specify.

Message example

An example of a sent message with this template in the WhatsApp messenger (a button of the "site" type is indicated):

For other messengers, the text of the buttons and their values will simply be added to the text of the message below.

Auto-sending a template for moderation in WhatsApp

(NOT ACTUAL AFTER 2022-07-12)

The block is used to automatically generate a template in HSM format suitable for sending for moderation in WhatsApp. That is, you just need to go to the "WhatsApp" section, select the WABA number and click "send HSM templates", wait and use the template.

Also, in the block, you need to enter the ISO two-character code of the template language (field HSM Language), for example: "en". Otherwise, the template will not be sent. You will be rejected if the language is incorrect.

Once the template has been moderated and allowed, please check the "HSM Active" checkbox in the Welcome block. If this is not done, the template will not be sent to the WhatsApp chat.

If you get a rejection, just duplicate the block in the script (using the clone method), so that the block number changes, change the template text and send the template for moderation again.