BOTWIZARD Documentation

Prompt Block

The block is used to request data input in the chat.

Applications (Leads)

To build forms that are used to collect applications from subscribers, you must install several of these blocks in a row (between them, you can use a menu block, a yes / no block, and other branches along the script). At the end, it is necessary to install the "Lead" block, which will record the entered data and save the Lead to the database.

Supported data types

The block supports several types of data that the subscriber can send. A correctly set type guarantees the validity of the entered data.

Currently you can use the following types:

  • Arbitrary line (subscriber enters anything);
  • Number (you can enter only a number, without commas);
  • Floating point number (eg 100.50);
  • Email address (correct email address);
  • Phone number (the subscriber must send the number in the format 1234567890 without + and any special characters);
  • File (it is expected to receive the correct file from the subscriber, it can be a picture, audio or video, as well as any other document).

The client made a mistake

The output must be connected to a message sending block or an alternative script branch in which to explain to the subscriber that he made a mistake when entering data. Here you can show sample data.


Specify a variable name to easily refer to the value received in the form later. For example, you can output the received value further using the message send block.