BOTWIZARD Documentation

Add Lead block

To accept a request from a subscriber, set this block after the data request blocks. The block is able to save the request in the service database. From the control panel, you can always view it later and open the chat of the subscriber who left the request.

In addition, you can submit an application:

  • to your e-mail address;
  • to your chat (notification in WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber);
  • Add as row to Google Sheets.


When a new application arrives, all information about it, including the completed form fields, will be sent to your server. For more details, see the section for developers, article integration of external systems (paragraph Application block).


An email notification will be sent to your manager. You can specify an arbitrary subject of the letter, add any text inside the letter. Additionally, a link to the dialog will be added for quick access to it.

Chat Notify

The bot can automatically send a notification to your manager when a new ticket is created. The maximum number of people to send a notification in one block is 3. Use the //me command to get the ID of the chat where to send the notification.

That is, you send the //me command to your bot in the chat, the bot answers you with a special value (Chat ID), which you then insert in the Requests block in the "Chat Notification" tab.

Google Sheets

Specify the table ID and each new lead (application) will be automatically added to it (at the end). Important:

  • it is necessary that the List where applications fall was called "Data";
  • the string to be written contains: the name of the messenger, the contact of the subscriber, his name, and then answers to questions, and at the end a link to the chat;
  • the total number of columns cannot exceed 26 (A-Z range).


The example in the picture above asks the user 2 questions: where is he from (city) and his age. Further, the data will be saved as an Application in the service database.