BOTWIZARD Documentation



  • We are switching to WhatsApp Cloud API. All valid numbers of our Clients will be migrated from On-Premises to the new API. This change affects absolutely all existing customers.
  • In connection with the transition to the new API, the procedure for registering and connecting new numbers for new customers will be changed. Contact Support for details.
  • Limited support for HSM messages and editing business profiles (now you can do it by yourself from the Facebook panel).
  • All waba.* methods are DEPRECATED and will not work.
  • No more needed to submit each template with buttons for moderation to Facebook.
  • The greeting block (Welcome block) temporarily works in a template-free mode (the link to the site and the phone number sends in text message instead of HSM messages).
  • Support for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber messengers will be implemented using the same methods as connecting your own programs (bot.program.custom.*) in order to ensure their better performance and compatibility.
  • The tariff for WhatsApp messages will be revised in the direction of decrease, whatsapp-logic of billing and accounting of its free messages will also be removed.
  • The message sent when the 24-hour window is closed will now not be displayed in the chat, but your customers will continue to receive it. All accumulated out-of-session messages are sent after pressing the "Show" button - thus unifying the behavior of WhatsApp.


  • Added new languages.
  • The main documentation language is now English.